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The worlds first automobile was built on the historic day of January 29, 1886.

It looks totally different from the modern day automobile because it was a three-wheeler only. During those times, four-wheel carriages were at risk of tilting overhead when they turn at corners. However, the genius of the inventor solved the steering problem seven years later, in 1893, when he invented the proper way to steer the front axle.  

The engine specification of the first car is not very impressive in today's standards. It was only sufficient to handle the small weight of the first car. Overall, it was a very impressive engineering fete. The creation of the first car paved the way for more researches in the application of steam engines and combustion engines in other forms of transportation. 

So go ahead and connect the puzzle pieces until the beautiful mechanical model of the First Car will unfold before you. Building this Wood Trick version of the First Car in 3D Mechanical Model helps us appreciate even better how the first automobile was built and teaches us basic engineering concepts and mechanics.


Wood Trick: Collection of engaging, unique and beautiful 3D Puzzles


Wood Trick Mechanical Models are Wooden Puzzles in 3D. They are made from safe & recyclable birch ply. Rubber bands & toothpicks are used to connect the wooden pieces.

Depending on the constructor kit, you will have tons of smart fun building your own functional prototype.

A completed 3D model surely gives the builder in you a sense of achievement and playingwith it is your reward!

Wood Trick Models are unique & beautiful. Collect them all!