WingIts RC-WA200GT34 APACHE200 Drill Bit 3/4-Inch

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The Apache200 3/4 in. Drill Bit is made with industrial carbide to bore through dense material so you can quickly and easily install WingIts fasteners. This sharply pointed bit wont wander or chatter as you drill through ceramic wall tile, masonry board, marble, steel, glass and plaster, making precise, clean cuts for your fastening jobs. Unlike a hole saw, this drilling accessory wont accrue plugged material so you can use it repeatedly without having to discard hole remnants from the bit.

  • Designed to drill up to 200 holes through ceramic tile; longer life expectancy on softer materials
  • Doesn't drift during start-up; just pull the drill trigger and let it do the work
  • Recommended for marble, ceramic wall tile, lath, plaster, masonry board, glasseven steel
  • Constructed with industrial-grade carbide for dependable use
  • Note: some imported wall tiles are too dense for this device to penetrate