Wine-Tapa(R) Tuscan Set of 6 Wine Glass Covers in Beautiful Earthy Colors to Protect Your Wine From Bugs

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Are you tired of your patio wine experience being spoiled by bugs in your wine? We have the solution! Take back the patio and entertain your guests with these attractive, earthy-colored wine glass covers. Since these wine glass toppers come in six different colors, each wine lover can easily identify their own glass. Set includes one each of chocolate, merlot, terra cotta, evergreen, navy & red Wine-Tapa's(R). Made of rigid ABS plastic, with a soft odorless foam gasket on its underside, the Wine-Tapa fits any size glass with rims from two-inches to four-inches in diameter. The dense stainless steel screen in its center ensures that your wine continues to breathe, while protecting it from invasion by fruit flies, gnats, noseeums, midges, aussie flies and other unwanted invaders. Simply remove, sip and replace...for complete peace of mind. Dishwasher safe to 140 degrees farenheit.