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THRIVE IN STYLE Vogmask is a superior product for now and the future, rendered modern to awaken public hope, to express the public self, and to emerge from the trance of accepting an inherited future. Our vision is simple: make the most beautiful, highest efficiency, most comfortable and best manufactured reusable consumer masks on the market. FOR THE LOVE OF HEALTH, STYLE, & CLEAN AIR Vogmask is the original stylish filtering respirator. Today Vogmask is sold in 41 countries around the world through regional distributors. First imagined in 2011 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada at Burning Man, Vogmask created a unique facemask to bring design and reusability to highly efficient personal protective equipment. Our mission has never changed: to give the world a mask that makes you look great while providing the best protection from airborne particles as small as .3 microns. Working together with quality management engineers, we have achieved regulatory certifications around the world. Vogmask is a no-risk, high-reward method to protect respiratory health and to contribute to a worldwide dialogue on the very important topic of cleaning the air. Certifications equal public trust. When a product is certified, it means that the finished products are tested for effectiveness, conditioning, fit, and safety. Certification also means that each Vogmask is manufactured under a documented quality plan. As a leader in combatting the adverse effects of air pollution and other respiratory health problems, Vogmask continues to improve through design and material innovations. Vogmask supports clean air and humanitarian efforts around the world. From London to Nepal to China we seek to improve quality of life, educate on the harmful effects of pollution, and instill civil responsibility that has a direct impact on the environment. Based in San Francisco, Vogmask speaks unpretentious Californian and always strives to be a positive voice for the environment and humanity. Our goal is to present the safest and most beautiful product of its kind. Our companys mission is to continuously innovate to provide important tools for protecting respiratory health, while raising the conversation about cleaning the air. WHAT IS THE MISSION OF VOGMASK? VOGMASK supports humanitarian, relief and clean air awareness efforts around the world. Wearing a VOGMASK starts a dialogue about our responsibility to change behavior for the health of the planet, to refuse to accept an inherited future, and to take charge of your own health. Why Vogmask? WELLNESS In certain circumstances, each of us has thought, "I shouldn't be breathing this." The quality of air we breathe contributes directly to our health. Vogmask offers protection from microscopic particles resulting from air pollution, dust, smoke, allergens, biologics, and natural causes. Wellness results from conscientiously applied healthy living principles and starts with breathing clean air. POOR AIR QUALITY Vogmask is widely used in urban environments due to the high levels of air pollution. Particulate matter (PM) is classified based on the size of particle diameter. Vogmask protects from inhaled particles as small as 0.3 microns. Inhalable-Particles of 100 microns diameter or less.Thoracic-Particles of 10 microns diameter and less that will reach the lungs. Referred to as PM10.Respirable-Particles that will penetrate into the gas exchange region of the lungs. Particle sizes of 2.5 micron are referred to as PM2.5 and considered hazardous. ALLERGIES Pollen particles entering the respiratory system often measure from 3 microns to 100 microns. We are currently experiencing an increase in sensitivity to allergens. Wearing Vogmask is a non invasive way to protect your lungs from inhalation of allergens when pollen count is high and in environments of triggering particles and odors. Read more TRAVEL Vogmask is the essential travel accessory for today. Whether you are travelling by air, train, bicycle, car, or just walking around, Vogmask provides highly efficient protection from airborne contaminants. Our stylish designs present a friendly face that inspires confidence and promotes health wherever you travel. Start a conversation about clean air by wearing a Vogmask. SENSITIVE LUNGS There are many reasons that people wear a mask to protect their lungs. Some suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma, some have suppressed or recovering immune systems. The best way to protect sensitive lungs is to prevent the introduction of foreign particles in the first place. OUTDOOR WORK Vogmask is highly efficient for keeping known hazardous particles out of the respiratory system especially in dusty, moldy, polluted, post-combustion, high PM, high pollen, wildfire, volcanic particulate matter, and crowded environments. Read more Choosing the Proper Size Vogmask Choosing the Proper Size Vogmask IF THE EAR LOOPS BEND YOUR EARS FORWARD, TRY STRETCHING THEM TWO OR THREE TIMES TO LOOSEN EAR LOOP LENGTH. Frequently Ask Questions WHAT IS VOGMASK MADE OF? Raw materials are: Organic cotton or microfiber outer and inner layer, microfiber particle filter, coconut shell derived carbon ash bonded to textile, latex free spandex trim and ear loops, aluminum noseband, ABS Resin exhale valve base and cover with silicone stopper. MATERIAL DATA SAFETY SHEETS have established material components as safe for respirators. There is NO LATEX in the manufacture of Vogmask, and Vogmask is printed with safe for respirator inks and dyes. NOTE: The disk of the side of the mask is a one way exhalation valve to facilitate exit of CO2 and moisture from interior of the mask, adding to comfort while mask wearing. WILL VOGMASK HELP PROTECT FROM ODORS? VOGMASK is in use in many environments for intercepting odors such as in poor air quality, natural disasters, proximity to chemicals, perfumes, cleansers and other triggering odors, and in beauty CARE (hair, nail, lash, tan) . The middle layers of carbon filter (for odors, VOC's, Ozone) and particle filter help to prevent sensitive lungs from these odors and particles. VOGMASK excels in features of reusability, fit, comfort and filtering capability. HOW LONG WILL MY VOGMASK LAST? The filtering media in the middle layers of VOGMASK have an obsolesence date of 3 years from manufacturing. The USE BY date is listed on the back of the box and indicated by the international HOURGLASS symbol. Normally people will replace their mask each year; in environments of high particulate matter such as poor air quality conditions, it is recommended the mask be replaced every 5-6 months, or when a noticeable increase in breathing resistance occurs. Read more