Viofo A119Pro_NOGPS Car dashcam Full HD 2560 x 1440P 30 fps Dashboard 130 Wide-Angle Lens Loop Recording G-Sensor

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The A119 Pro Car Dash Camera has everything you need to protect your car on the road and in the parking lot. It records full 1440p HD video and audio even when theres not a lot of light around, so you wont miss anything important. Its perfect for anyone that wants to protect themselves from reckless drivers, including small business owners that want to look after the company car. Get peace of mind behind the wheel with the A119 Pro Car Dash Camera. This powerful surveillance device records full 1440p HD video and audio, capturing license plates and street signs clearly across long distances. You dont have to worry about dealing with blurry or lackluster footage. It even records clear HD video when theres not a lot of light on the road. If youre driving after the sun goes down, you can rest assured the A119 Pro Car Dash Camera will capture all of the action. Features: Perfect for: forward-facing and parking vehicle surveillance 1440P HD Video & Audio Recording 130-Degree Wide Angle Lens Buffered Parking Mode Excellent Low Light Recording Capabilities G-Sensor Built-In Records in Loop Recording Capacitor Model for Improved Operating Temperature Takes up to 128GB Micro SD Card (Not Included) Includes Adhesive and Suction Cup Mount