Urth Scrub 4Oz (118Ml)

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 Hands down the most unique and rewarding exfoliating experience around. Miracle scrub uses tropical sand-like microfine rice granules mixed into a soft mud to help expel nasty blackheads and impurities. Leaves the skin glowing and revitalized. Herbal extracts of Green Tea and Ginseng help detoxify and improve skin tone and texture, leaving the dermis extremely happy. Try this stuff - it will not dissapoint. Paraben-free.

  • Exfoliating scrub designed for a deep cleansing, non-irritated, refreshing experience
  • A fusion of soothing herbal extracts, pure essential oils and vitamins C-E to restore skin tone and texture
  • Expels neck and facial impurities, blackheads and ingrown hairs for an even toned finish
  • Non-greasy textured facial scrub fights to expel, detoxify and revive your skin
  • Zero Fragrance, Zero Parabens and Environmentally Friendly