Ugears UGM-11Truck Brain Teasers, 3D DIY Wooden Puzzles For Teens and Adults, Construction Kit Self-Assembly Mechanical Model

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The UGM-11 Truck exemplifies mechanical excellence with greater detailing and sophistication. The working mechanism and movement of gears, shafts and pistons are very close to the real thing. The entire system illustrates efficacy of design and mechanical distinction through efficient synchronization of moving parts. This IQ toy is capable of running, shifting, steering and accelerating just like a real truck. Ready for a Truck Ride Fuel up this wooden puzzle by repeatedly turning the lever provided at the top of the cab. Now initiate the motion of the engine by moving the shifter from Idle to Start and see the realistic movement of the four pistons at the bonnet under the folding hood. Open the door of the cabin to view the fully functional steering wheel, and there is also a working gas pedal. Want a ride? Switch the transmission lever into forward or reverse to get the forward or backward motion of the truck respectively. Watch with wonderment as your trucks internal mechanism works in perfect synchronization and it goes running to fill another load. Sophisticated Motion Assembled and Brought Into Action by Your Very Own Hands Made with wooden material, this exquisite mechanical gears model comprises of 420 wooden blocks that can be assembled and brought into action without any glue. As this brain teaser comes under the newer range of UGEARS kits, it may take a bit longer to complete the assembly, but once assembled it is a treat to watch it moving and running. You get all the assembly related information in the detailed instruction manual provided with the kit, and you can also find many online videos to help you with the assembly. The truck aptly demonstrates the affinity of man and machine.