Tuubezz G-Tube Storage Belt(Size=Medium)

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The Tuubezz G-Tube Storage Belt is a comfortable to wear belt that protects gastronomy and other enteral feeding tubes. This soft belt secures a g-tube for the user while sleeping, bathing, restroom visits and everyday living.The Tuubezz protects the area of insertion from pulls by preventing awkward placement of the tube, and keeps it clean and protected from germs. The belt allows easy access for daily feeding and storage while eliminating the need for safety pins, tape, rubber bands or wrapping around undergarments to keep the tube secured. This soft belt is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for softness, absorbency, and will always keep its shape.The Tuubezz G-Tube Storage Belt is available in 3 sizes. Small fits waist sizes 26 -32 inches, Medium fits waist sizes 32-38 inches, and Large fits waist sizes 38-42 inches.Wrap the Tuubezz Belt around the waist with the buttonhole placed at the point of tube insertion and secure the Velcro side adjustment for a comfortable fit. Unfold first layer of belt, pull the G-tube thru the buttonhole and secure the belt under tube bar so that the belt is next to the body. Lay the tube along fold of belt and wrap the tube and belt around the body. Lay the top layer of the belt over tube and secure with Velcro closure so the tube is completely covered by belt. The user can now enjoy the comfort and security of knowing that the tube is easily accessible and ready to use. The Tuubeez G-Tube Storage Belt can be machine washed and tumble. Size:Medium 

  • Most effective comfortable and ease of control for the G-Tube
  • Protects the area of insertion from pulls and awkward placement of the G-Tube
  • Easy Access to daily feeding and storage
  • Eliminated the need for safety Pins
  • Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex for softness, absorbency, and always keep its shape