Tree Scales Precision Balance with Glass Draft Shield 100g x 0.001g Digital Scale

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 Tree's HRB-103 is a strain gauge scale with built-in glass draft shield and 3 sliding doors for stable readings.  Several weighing units can be determined and unlike other brands, you can toggle between them without following a complicated configuration procedure.  If you never need to use a particular unit, you can configure the balance to stop displaying those units.  For instance, if you only care about weighing in grams and grains, then you can set up the Tree HRB scale to stop toggling through every single supported weigh mode other than g and gn.HRB-103 includes an RS232 interface for data communication, in-use protective cover, AC adapter and calibration weight at no additional cost.  Most companies charge extra for these options, but Tree provides all of this at one low price.  Sliding door glass draft shield opens on the left and right side as well as on the top and level bubble with adjustable leveling feet are included to ensure your readings are stable and accurate.  Large backlit LCD display is easy to read in all different kinds of lighting.  The other big benefit with Tree's HRB-103 is the fact that it not only runs on an AC adapter, but it also operates on batteries as well.  This allows you to operate the balance non-stop with a power cord, or anywhere you need it on batteries.

  • Capacity/Resolution: 100g x 1mg
  • 0.8" LCD w/ backlight.
  • 100,00 divisions/ 1.3m internal resolution
  • AD update speed: 7.5HZ
  • 100g - Round 3.85" platter
  • AC Adapter (batteries not included)
  • Units: g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, ct