Toockies Scrubbers Scrub Cloths for home, kitchen

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"Size:3-Pack "The Toockies set of 3 multi-purpose scrub cloths are made from certified 100% organic cotton and are hand made using Fair Trade practices by women in a small village outside of Calcutta, India. These durable all-purpose cloths are ribbed for deep scrubbing and are safe for use on granite, marble and stone countertops, great for washing dishes and durable enough for use in cleaning bathrooms, cars, trucks and boats. Soft and safe enough to use on hands and feet! The knit pattern is perfect for scrubbing stainless steel appliances and glass stove tops, counter tops, dishes...Easy to use they work best damp...just place under running water, roll like a carpet, double over, twist hard and strain. Toockies Story Her name was Claudia, but everyone called her Toockie and she was loved. Each year, she sent everyone in her family a bundle of her special hand knit little scrubbing cloths. They were the perfect all-purpose scrubbers. To honor Toockie, Toockies niece , Anne Marie Strauss, wanted to share these long-lasting, toxin-free scrubbers with the world. How To Make a Difference Anne Marie searched for a way to recreate Toockies scrubbers and met Jaya Basu who was looking to build a dignified local economy to support the desperately poor women of a small village outside Calcutta, India. Today, Toockies are hand made using Fair Trade practices by women in that village who help support their families with pride. Each artisan has learned to write her name and each pack of Toockies cloths is hand signed ---giving the artisan a voice that makes her proud and present. The Cloths Toockies are 100 percent organic cotton scrubbers that are plastic-free, synthetic-free and toxin-free. Never chemically treated with antibiotics like many commercial scrubbers, they are compostable and biodegradableno waste to clog landfills and the ocean. These cloths last a long time and beat disposable scrubbers cent for cent. Super Hygenicsimply machine wash and dry.