Tabcat pack

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 Experience the premium superior quality of the Loc8tor Pet Tracker With about 2,500 dogs and 3,200 cats that go astray every week, the best chance of your pet remaining safe is to quickly ascertain their whereabouts. Why be a statistic? A microchip identifies your lost cat or dog but only if someone finds it first. GPS trackers are heavy, and despite the hype, not accurate enough for finding smaller pets, such as cats, in many of their hiding places. The unique Loc8tor Pet Tracker is the world's leading cat and dog finder and has already saved thousands of pets around the world from getting lost. Loc8tor Pet Tracker gives cat and dog owners real peace of mind. Award winning technology that provides peace of mind. With its small lightweight tag weighing only 5 grams (.175 ounces), the Loc8tor Pet Tracker tells you which way to walk to find your lost (or hiding) pet, or indeed any other item (keys, mobile phone, TV remote, etc.). The tracker works indoors and outdoors up to a maximum range of 400 ft (122m) with a clear line of site, or even through doors, walls, airing cupboards and other perfect hiding places. The Loc8tor Pet Tracker features a unique dual directional technology system giving you both audio and visual cues to guide you right to your cat or dog. It works like an electronic game of hot and cold and will show you the right direction to walk to find your pet. The small, light, splashproof Loc8tor Pet Tracker tags are protected by a durable case, and easily attaches to any cat or dog collar. Loc8tor Pet Tracker helps you train your pet too. Added features on both the pet tracker tag and the handset allows you to train your cat or dog to come home. Simply the locate the button on the handset that activates a small beep on your pets collar tag. You then use this signal to train your cat or dog to come home on demand.