T-sac Tea Filters size 2, 1000 count service pack

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T-Sacs Tea Filter Bags are single-use, disposable unbleached paper tea
infusers for brewing high-quality loose leaf tea. Conventional straining
methods can be messy, T-Sac filter bags are an easy and natural way to steep
loose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag. The natural, robust flavor
of the loose leaf tea is maintained with these chlorine-free tea bags. Steep
your favorite herbal tea or create a custom brew by blending your favorite
teas together in a single bag; it's that easy. The top flap folds over to keep
tea leaves contained inside, while the expandable, gusseted bottom allows the
T-Sac filter to sit securely on the counter without the need for a filter
stand. Simply open the T-Sac, measure in the desired amount of loose leaf tea
for your taste and fold the top flap over. Steep tea a minimum of 3 minutes
and once tea is steeped to desired strength, simply discard the tea filter.
T-Sac Filter Bags are disposable for your convenience and completely
biodegradable and fully compostable for our environment.
  • T-sac #2 bulk box of 1000 filters, filters out sediment from fine-grade loose leaf teas
  • T-Sac Tea Filter Bags are single-use tea infuser bags for steeping high-quality loose leaf tea
  • Use for steeping all types of loose leaf tea, including chai, black tea, white tea, green tea, chamomile and other delicious herbal teas
  • Steep tea without the mess of conventional tea straining methods
  • Made in Germany from chlorine-free fibers; to maintain the natural flavor of brewed tea