Spy High Complete Mounting System - Professional All Weather 16 Foot Trail Camera Mount with Setup Kit - Optimum Security & Surveillance for Indoor/Outdoor Uses 1/4 X 20 Threads (16 Foot Kit, Brown)

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The SpyHigh Complete SpyHigh Mounting System is a unique way to mount your trail/game cameras above human line of sight without ever leaving the ground! From government agencies and hunters, to landowners and campers, this system is transforming the way trail cameras are used. Not only is it easy to install and adjust, but it practically eliminates common camera theft that has long plagued the industry. To get started, screw the mounting platform into the back or bottom of your camera. Most Cameras use the  - 20 threaded mount. If needed, a universal camera mount is also included with two bungee cords for easy attachment and proper placement of your camera onto the platform. The mounting platform is equipped with a rubber ball which enables it to easily rotate and adjust the camera, and attaches onto the end of the extension pole. Each pole extends from 2 to 4 feet in length, easily adjusting in 6-inch increments and locking securely in place. A special bayonet grip tip connects the poles together without twisting or loosening, enabling the user to mount trail cameras up to 16 feet off of the ground. Plus, no ladders or climbing is required! Tree attachments made of durable nylon material click onto the extension pole, easily screwing into a tree with a few turns of the pole. Additionally, an included Laser pen and bracketsnaps around the end of the extension pole. Use thegreen-point laser pen to ensure proper placement of the camera lens so you can capture pictures in the desired location. The green laser will show up on the spot that the camera is directly pointed, guiding you to the proper adjustment of the camera mounting platform by using the extension poles. This will ensure proper camera alignment. Additionally, instantly switch to the saw blade attachment to clear away obstructions from camera lense simply.