Skate Fender Pro - Foot Protection for Ice Hockey Against Pucks, Sticks (Large)

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 Skate Fenders are specifically designed to protect the feet of hockey players from pucks, sticks or most other on-ice mayhem. The Skate Fender PRO is molded in an even higher grade polycarbonate than the Standard model.  Slightly lighter, stronger, more flexible, and provides more impact energy dissipation. Skate Fenders have been tested both on and off ice, and refined countless times to provide protection. Effective in reducing painful, debilitating impact injuries. Convenient for players to put on and take off. Affordable for players at all levels

  • SIZING: Large - Fit from 8 up and fit normal to wide boot widths.
  • BLOCK SLAP SHOTS AND DO NOT FEEL IT: foot protection that keeps you on the ice and in the game. Also, protects your skates against pucks, sticks and other mayhem. Your skates will last much longer.
  • TESTED SINCE 2012: Game tested and proven effective in reducing painful, debilitating impact injuries at all levels of play from National hockey league to local rinks.
  • SOLID MOLDING: made of high-quality polycarbonate that has proven strong, impact resistant and highly effective in protecting the vulnerable areas of hockey players feet.
  • Skates Not Included