Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain(Color=Beige)

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The Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain provides a functional and elegant solution for privacy and safety for tub transfer bench users. This adapted shower curtain was designed by an occupational therapist. A tub transfer bench prevents a regular shower curtain from closing around the tub and allows water to be sprayed outside the tub. In the lower portion of the Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain are two vertical slits which allow the curtain to fall down and remain fully inside the tub, keeping the water inside the tub for increased bathroom safety and comfort.The patented hookless design is easy to use. There is no need to remove the shower rod. Simply slide the ring openings over the bar and the curtain is hung quickly. The embedded rings allow the curtain to hang properly and let it slide smoothly across the shower curtain rod. Weighted magnets at each bottom corner secure the flap to the inside of the tub to reduce leaks. This adapted shower curtain is made of water repellant, 100% polyester plain weave fabric that resists soap scum build-up. Choose from white or beige.Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain Features:Patented slit design keeps water inside the tub.Curtain hangs in seconds.Weighted magnets secure shower curtain flap to the inside of tub to reduce leaks.Works with a wide variety of tub transfer benches.Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain Specifications:Curtain measures: 71 inches wide, 72 inches long.