Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Communication System - Black

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The Sena 50S intercom headset brings significant advancements to motorcycle communication. It features the newly upgraded Mesh 2.0 network, which delivers robust, reliable connections in two different Mesh Intercom modes. Open Mesh allows for a near-unlimited number of riders to communicate in the Mesh 2.0 network within range of the 50S. A multi-channel protocol gives the ability to speak with different groups across 9 channels. Meanwhile, Group Mesh allows you to create a private group with up to 24 participants. With Bluetooth 5 connectivity, the 50S pairs with your smartphone so you can listen to your music, hear GPS navigation, and take phone calls while riding. Featuring multi-language voice command support in 8 languages and redesigned HD Speakers optimized for physical comfort and audio output, the 50S is the complete package, continuing the tradition of keeping riders connected on their journey.