Popcornopolis Gourmet Zebra Chocolate Popcorn, 11-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)

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Popcornopolis zebra chocolate popcorn pack contains three 11-ounce cones of
our famous zebra chocolate popcorn, a taste sensation that is so glorious its
been featured on the food network. Our golden-brown caramel corn is
transformed into a chocoholics dream with decadent stripes of rich dark
chocolate and velvety white chocolate. Popcornopolis zebra chocolate popcorn
is MSG, gluten, and trans-fat free. Each flavor is packaged in our ingenious
popcornopolis cone, made with the same material that keeps the astronauts
food fresh and nutritious. Even after the cone is opened, just reseal it with
its twist-tie to keep your popcorn light and crunchy for months.
  • Popcornopolis zebra chocolate popcorn, three 11 ounce cones of zebra chocolate popcorn (total of 33 ounces)
  • Gluten free, trans fat free, no preservatives, no MSG
  • Great for friends, family, or corporate gift giving