Wood Trick Pendulum Wall Clock Kit, Wooden DIY Wall Clock Big - No Batteries - 3D Wooden Puzzle - 3D Wall Clock Mechanical Model

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Wooden Pendulum Clock kit from Wood Trick will be a perfect decoration that look captivating in the finished product! Once fully wound, this wooden pendulum wall clock will run for 12 hours Easy wall mount with double eyelet holes. Please note, that the Pendulum Wall Clock Kit comes without wall attachment. Comes with a very detailed assembly instructions with pictures. Time is something that cannot be brought back once it is gone. It is simply irreversible. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right. The facts about the nation that first developed the concept of time have been the subject of considerable debate among scholars for many years. Some claim that Babylonians made the first contribution to the concept of time as they invented the sexagesimal system (the numbering system we use to tell time today), and were the ones who divided the day into 24 hours, each hour into minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds. The Wood Trick company has developed a unique model called Pendulum Clock that has a very similar mechanism to Huygenss original clock! The impeccable design and high quality of the clock will not leave anyone indifferent! Wood Trick: Amazing attention to detail, Collection of Engaging, Unique and Beautiful 3D Puzzles General recommendations: - make sure the clock hangs vertically without being uneven; - the clock must be hanged at a height of no less than 79 inches (2 meters); - in order to wind up the clock, pull down the left thread while holding the weight. Pendulum Clock will become an exceptional supplement to your interior, and an excellent addition to your Wood Trick collection. Wood Trick is about passing the craftsmanship and knowledge from generation to generation, near the family fireplace at home or at the grandfather's old wooden table, full of memories. It is no secret that puzzles make a persons brain see things in terms of parts and wholes. Wood Trick 3D Mechanical Models appeal to people from different age groups. enhances creative thinking skills; promotes critical thinking skills; develops problem-solving and reasoning skills. You will actually build your own mechanical pendulum wall clock from scratch! No words can fully describe the satisfaction upon completing a full set! Building one model with the entire family creates a great bonding experience for each family member. Wood Trick constructor kits will bring the family together by keeping children away from eye-straining tablets, and instead promoting comprehensive brain development. This development is achieved by introducing children to the (fun)damentals of mechanics, cultivating patience and attention, promoting fine motor skills, and encouraging imaginative artistic thinking. Assembly time: 6-8 hours Quantity of parts: 251 wooden kits Materials: High-quality natural plywood; no glue or cutting required. Model size, lwh: 42.128.4611.81 in (1070215300 mm) Recommended Age: 14+ Weight of the model in package: 4.40 lb (2100 kg) Wall mount: Easy wall mount with double eyelet holes (the set comes without wall attachment) Complexity of assembly: Difficult Read more Stunningly detailed and beautiful design... Read more One (out of two) eylet holes for wall mounting; In order to wind up the clock, pull down the thread while holding the weight;
  • [HIGH QUALITY] made of natural birch ply. Materials are recyclable and safe. No glue. Our best pendulum wall clock is the safest and most entertaining among all 3d puzzles for adults and kids to build
  • [DIY EXPERIENCE] - building our wooden learning clock will stimulate your childs ability to plan and build their own structure like a true engineer. Brain teasers for adults and kids have never been so entertaining and engaging
  • [EASY SELF-ASSEMBLY] - our vintage wall clock includes 251 wooden puzzle pieces, but the building is accessible for kids and adults
  • [BEST GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION] 3d wall clock be a worthy addition to your kid's collection. Our 3d wooden puzzles for adults and kids will always be a welcome gift
  • [DETAILED DESIGN] our decorative pendulum clock mechanism comes with a precise manual as well as pics. Follow the manual to build the jigsaw puzzles set quickly and correctly