Nicotine Picks Sour Apple Nicotine Infused Toothpicks 20 Pack (400 Picks)

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Nicotine Picks are toothpicks infused with Nicotine and Flavoring.

Nicotine Picks help take the edge off when smoking is not an option with a great burst of Sour Apple Flavor!

Other nicotine items may not taste very well and don't last very long. Unlike other Nicotine solutions, Nicotine Picks are not soaked in nicotine. Nicotine Picks are infused under pressure so the entire fiber is exposed to nicotine and flavoring. The results are great tasting toothpicks that typically last longer than traditional nicotine products.* Slightly chew the toothpick to control how quickly nicotine is being released.

Zero Sugar  Zero Calories