Natural Pet Products Flea Free Food Supplement

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Flea Free Food Supplement. Keep your pet flea free the natural way! Our Flea Free Food Supplement is a liquid based formula that contains garlic (which boasts over 200 vitamins minerals amino acids & enzymes) and vinegar (packed with over 90 nutrients such as essential amino acids helpful vitamins minerals & enzymes). When used daily Flea Free prohibits blood-feeding insects from biting and prevents the laying of eggs. You may have been told garlic is toxic to animals, but unless garlic is given in vary large amounts it is completely safe for pet consumption. Garlic in pet food is regulated by an organization called the American Feed Control Officials, Inc (AFCO) and they have given garlic a GRAS (generally recognized as safe). The garlic used in Flea Free Food Supplement is an air dried garlic that has only 397 ug/gram of allcin content. For comparison raw garlic has 3,192 ug/gram and freeze dried garlic has up to 9,200 ug/gram of allcin content. Flea Free Food Supplements garlic maintains all the benefits of the enzymes and nutrients of the garlic and drastically reduced the toxicity allowing the consumer a worry free biting parasite solution! Add one teaspoon to pet's food daily For the best results start by adding less than the daily dosage in order to gradually transition the supplement into your dog's digestive system. Ingredients: 28% Vinegar, 3% Garlic, 2% Citrus, 2% Herbs & 65% Inert Ingredients

  • "Nutritious and Healthy Pest Medications that provides not just a protection and a total parasite control but also gives various benefits to your pets . The product contains 200 vitamins and minerals from its chemical-free ingredients. It contains Citrus and Herbs that supplies Vitamin C, Complex Carbohydrates and Anti-Oxidants."
  • "Children-safe and Pet-safe as all of its components are all pesticide-free which includes garlic,ginger and vinegar. All these organic ingredients help with digestion and ensures that the supplement may get into your pet's system so it can work. "
  • "Works on ALL blood-feeding insects such as biting flies, fleas, lice, mites, mosquitoes and ticks. Garlic, as its major ingredient detoxifies and goes into your pet's blood emitting enzymes that prohibits the female insect to lay eggs. Effective on all sorts of parasites so you don't need to buy different kinds of products to protect your pet. "
  • "Great for ALL the pets that you might have. Flea Free Products are not just for dogs and cats as you may think, it also works for birds, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and even reptiles. It can be used from a very young puppies/kittens up to the very old one. It is also safe for nursing pets and even better to offer them this supplement as it relays the effect to the feeding young. A best-buy product that works as all-in-one."
  • "Inexpensive yet Effective as described by many consumers. It works in miracles as it really drives the parasites away. Switch now and try our products and see it for yourself."