MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser, Basic (1700)

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MedReady 1600 Medication Pill Box Reminder Dispenser w/ High Frequency Alarm. (All MedReady pill dispensers come in either 120V or 240V for International customers!) The pill tray has 28 compartments that can be filled with medication. Each compartment is 1" x .5' x .75" and can hold pills of different sizes and combinations of sizes. When the alarm sounds, the tray advances allowing you access to the medication in that compartment. If you use one daily alarm, the tray is good for 28 days of medication dispensing. When the alarm sounds, the tray advances allowing you access to the medication in that compartment by sliding open the white window and taking out the medication. FEATURES: - One alarm daily = 28 days of medication - Two alarms daily = 2 weeks worth of medication - Three alarms daily = 9 days of medication - Four alarms daily = 1 week's worth of medication - Alarm is 90db or 2800-3000 HZ, a little less than a smoke detector would sound - If you miss a medication time, the tray will advance at the next scheduled alarm. This will prevent double dosing and medication errors - Features an AC power backup and comes with rechargeable batteries that will last up to 72 hours - A locking cover provides a tamper proof secure dispenser - Costs less than other carousel dispensers and has many of the same features - 10.25" diameter x 3" deep - Weighs 2.5 pounds - 120 volt; 60 Hz; 6 watts (Also available in 240V version for international customers at same price) - 6' power cord - UL approved - 1 Year Warranty - Made in USA
  • Audible alarm notifies patient of dosage times
  • 28 compartments hold up to 9 pills each
  • Locked lid prevents tampering with medication
  • Plugs into power outlet and includes backup battery
  • Model: No Flashing Light