Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard for Mac, Low Force Edition

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The Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard, Low Force Edition, offers all of the benefits of
an ergonomic keyboard paired with the comfort and quietness of a mechanical
keyboard. While most ergonomic keyboards use rubber switches, the Ergo Pro,
Low Force Edition, features metal Matias Quiet Linear mechanical switches to
ensure tactile feedback, greater comfort, faster typing speeds, and quiet
operation. The split-keyboard design also includes a comfortable palm rest
with tilting and tenting leg supports, a key component to reducing strain that
allows the user to find the perfect typing width and angle regardless of their
  • Feautres Linear Mechanical Switches designed for low force (35g actuation force) and a linear force profile
  • Comes standard with leg supports for tilting and tenting Includes three extra USB 2.0 ports for devices
  • Includes removable premium palm supports Constructed with laser etched keys and sculpted key caps (won't wear off)
  • Audio & media controls to skip, pause or play next track
  • Features dedicated hotkeys for the 4 most important keyboard shortcuts - undo, cut, copy, and paste.