LulaClips Baby Car Seat Harness Clips (2-Pack) - Hold Buckles Open, Prevent Twisting Straps and Save Time - Easy to Install, Childproof Locking Pin - Fit All Car Seats and Carriers (Grey)

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Say Goodbye to Bothersome Buckles!Busy parents can always use a second pair of hands, especially when its time to put your baby into the car seat. Floppy, flimsy straps fall behind your child, forcing you to dig under them. This is particularly tricky when your little one is asleep.Leave frustration and hassle behind with a set of LulaClips Baby Car Seat Harness Clips! Thanks to powerful magnets, our clips hold harness straps in an open position. You can keep both hands on your little one and quickly buckle them into place. Youll remove the child just as easily, and theres zero risk of interrupting a peaceful nap!Compatible with all types of car seats and carriers, installation doesnt take more than just a few seconds! Release the pin and fasten it to the fabric portion of the seat. Slip the pin back in place and the clips are ready to go. They help prevent twisted, tangled straps, and because they feature a childproof locking mechanism, delicate skin is protected from pricks and scratches.Safe, reliable and incredibly easy to use, LulaClips is the name parents trust! Our goal is to keep all babies happy and healthy, so be sure to keep the clips away from your little one and install them before putting your child in the seat.Why Choose LulaClips Harness Holders?- Hold harness straps open- Help prevent strap twisting- Install in seconds- Easy to remove or adjust- Childproof locking pinsTry Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!Stock is limited. Order today to ensure availability.Order Your Harness Clips Now to Save Time and Frustration!

  • Baby Car Seat Clips: Easy to use and endlessly convenient, our harness safety belt clips allow you to place your child in a car seat without frustration! Powerful magnets hold the buckles in place, so theres no digging for belts and no waking your sleeping baby.
  • Set Up in Seconds: To install our seat belt holder clips, simply release the fastening pin and attach it to the fabric portion of the car seat. Slide the pin back into place and the clips are ready to use! You can adjust or remove them just as easily for total versatility.
  • Designed for Safety: Featuring a childproof locking mechanism, you can rest assured knowing our car seat safety clips wont scratch or prick your little one! Theyll remain securely in place during use and actually help prevent straps from twisting and tangling.
  • Premium Quality: Made with durable materials and compatible with all types of car seats, our harness seat belt clips are crafted for everyday practicality! For added safety, install the clips before placing the child in the seat and ensure locking tabs are in place.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: LulaClips are sure to leave both parents and babies smiling! As a special bonus, these car seat belt clips are backed with a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems or questions, let our customer service team know.