KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard (MX Blue)

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High Performance Gaming The all-new Freestyle Edge RGB is the first split mechanical keyboard designed specifically for gaming. It was engineered with input from hardcore gamers to meet the strictest standards for quality, design, and performance. Now with immersive RGB Lighting, Cushioned Palm Supports, and an all new SmartSet App. Unlike conventional keyboards, the Edge gives you unparalleled freedom to customize the position of the left and right halves of the keyboard separately based on your specific needs. There is no wrong way to set up the Freestyle Edge RGB, just dial in the optimal configuration based on your other input devices and accessories for the ultimate desktop freedom. Maximum Ergonomics Not a gamer? No problem. The Freestyle Edge RGB features Kinesis' award-winning split adjustable ergonomic design perfect for all body types and typing styles. Separate the key modules to shoulder-width to reduce ulnar deviation.The new cushioned palm supports and zero-degree slope eliminate harmful wrist extension.The tenkeyless design brings the mouse in closer to your body to eliminate painful "over-reach". Low-force, full-travel mechanical key switches feel great, but also reduce fingertip impact for less strain and fatigue.Want an even more ergonomic experience? Attach the popular Lift Kit or V3 Pro accessory for adjustable tenting (3 heights) to reduce forearm strain. The Edge is plug-and-play compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome. And thanks to its subtle styling and matte black finish, it looks great at home or in the office. Join the Revolution All-New Freestyle Edge RGB The most powerful split keyboard ever made... just got a whole lot better. 20 Adjustable Split for Gaming & Typing NEW- Per-Key RGB Backlighting NEW- Premium Cushioned Palm Supports Choice of Cherry MX Mechanical Switches SmartSet Programming Engine (Driverless) Available Tenting (Lift Kit & V3 Pro Sold Separately) Kinesis Gaming Designed and engineered in the USA Kinesis has been the worldwide leader in computer ergonomics for more than 25 years. Kinesis keyboards are known for their top-notch build quality, unsurpassed durability, and striking designs. Kinesis Gaming was formed in 2016 to draw on that 25 years of experience and expertise to revolutionize the gaming industry. Comfort Control Performance Read more Gamepad when you want it Full-size keyboard when you need it Thanks to the Freestyle Edge RGB's unique split design, you can convert the keyboard into a compact gamepad and bring your mouse in close for one-handed play. When your mouse is positioned in front of your shoulder you have more comfort, enhanced precision, and less fatigue so you can play better and play longer. The Edge is especially great for low-DPI mousing and eliminates those nasty collisions with your keyboard. Still need a few keys from the right side of the keyboard? No problem, remap them to the 9 Game Keys for easy access with your left hand, so your right hand never leaves your mouse. You have 9 different Profiles at your finger tips, so build custom layouts for each game to maximize performance. Conventional Push the key modules together for a standard 75% keyboard layout and classic typing experience. We recommend starting in this configuration and gradually moving the modules apart until you find the configuration that is most comfortable for body type and preferences. XL Split Separate the modules up to 20 inches to put your HOTAS, mic, stream deck, drawing tablet, or mouse within easy reach. The Edge frees up some amazingly valuable space right in the middle of your desk. How will you use it? Free Rotation Rotate the left module independently for optimal key coverage of Ctrl and Shift when using WASD, without crowding your mouse or hanging the keyboard off your desk. If you're typing, rotating the modules is a great way to keep wrists straight and eliminate harmful ulnar deviation. Tented Whether you're typing or gaming, add one of our popular tenting accessories to keep your hands and arms in a neutral position to reduce the painful forearm pronation caused by basic "flat" keyboards. Choose the Lift Kit (AC910) for tenting with Palm Supports or the V3 Pro (AC930) for tenting without the Palm Supports. Sold Separately Conventional XL Split Free Rotation Tented 16.8M Color Per-Key RGB Lighting with 10 Customizable Effects Rain Droplets of light ripple down the keyboard. Choose the color and speed of the rain along with the base color. Reactive Keys light up in response to your typing. Choose the color and duration of the lighting along with the base color. Loop Bands of light move across the keyboard. Choose the color, speed, and direction, as well as the base color. Freestyle Assign custom colors to all 95 keys in either layer. Use colors to designate custom programming so you never lose a hotkey. Read more Cherry MX Brown Cherry MX Red Cherry MX Blue Cherry MX Speed Silver Feel Tactile Feedback Linear Tactile Feedback Linear Operating Force Low (45g) Low (45g) Medium (60g) Low (45g) Clicky  Actuation Point 2.0mm (Full Travel) 2.0mm (Full Travel) 2.0mm (Full Travel) 1.2mm (Short Travel) Lifespan 50 Million Clicks 50 Million Clicks 50 Million Clicks 50 Million Clicks