Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar

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The Jamstik 7 is a travel-size MIDI guitar revolutionizing the way you learn to play, write songs, and produce music.

It's the ultimate, go-anywhere guitar instruction tool bundled with apps and software that take the guesswork out of learning to play. See your fingers on screen in real-time in an easy to use system that will have you playing your first guitar chords in minutes.

Unleash your creativity and expand the potential of your guitar skills using the Jamstik 7 as a MIDI controller. You can play synths, strings, keyboards, or any instrument you can think of to create and record entire songs using the Jamstik with compatible music apps and DAWs.


Jamstik App for iOS

Jamstik is the official companion app designed to establish your iPad/iPhone connection to the Jamstik device. You can adjust your settings like tuning and picking sensitivity, select your sound, and practice chords & scales in free play. The app also monitors your Jamstik for battery status and firmware updates.


Learn On Your Schedule

Turn your down time into productive practice time. Learning independently is easier than ever using the Jamstik 7 paired with our interactive apps. You can even play silently with wired headphones plugged into your laptop or mobile device.


Built for Travelers: Wireless & Portable

The convenient size makes the Jamstik 7 a great travel guitar. Portable by design, you can practice lessons or record songs anywhere you go with the Jamstik. Being untethered gives you freedom to practice and play anywhere, anytime.


Intro to Guitar-Based Music Production

Use your guitar skills to create full tracks using the Jamstik as a MIDI controller. Record drums, synths, saxophone, or any instrument sound you can think of using the Jamstik with compatible apps and software.