HOBOT LEGEE-668 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot for Floor, Automatic Robot for Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning

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You have never seen a robot quite like it! HOBOT engineers thoroughly studied
the process of washing the floor by professionals and singled out 2 stages of
cleaning: Stage 1: Preliminarily need to collect crumbs and dust - this is
successfully handled by a person with a conventional vacuum cleaner or a robot
vacuum cleaner. Stage 2: Moisten floors with water, wipe off dirt and wipe dry
- this can be done by a person with a mop or special polisher. Its ingenuity
is simple! We are the first to combine a robot vacuum cleaner and a mopper
into one device. We designed cleaning pads to mop the floor by imitating hand
movement, increased the frequency of mopping, added a smart navigation system,
a microdroplet metered spray of water, and reliable cartepiilar tracks. That's
how a new generation of robots was born. Robot - floor washer HOBOT LEGEE-668
is 2 robots in 1.It is a hybrid of a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot mopper
with excellent cleaning quality! Now washing the floors in the house will be a
pleasant experience for you! LEGEE is an advanced navigation system that
allows to bypass obstacles and objects and to precisely map out its path
during the cleaning of your house. It uses a set of laser sensors to build a
map of the room and determine the position in space. Exclusive patented method
of washing the floor FastBrush. A powerful vacuum cleaner pump sucks in small
debris, hair and animal fur. The drive mechanism of reciprocating motion of
the cleaning cloths (pads) simulates the movements of the hands to remove
dried stains and debris from the floor by oscillating 10 times per second. The
next stage is microdroplet spraying of water for softening of dried stains and
dirt that are not removed through dry wiping. Finally the rear cleaning cloth
(pad) not only absorbs moisture and wipes stains and dirt, but also polishes
the floor.
  • Robot - floor washer HOBOT LEGEE-668 is 2 robots in 1
  • LEGEE not suitable for use on carpets
  • 4-step cleaning of the floor
  • LEGEE Smart Navigation Technology
  • Exclusive patented method of washing the floor FastBrush