HAWRYCH MD LASH Eyelash Enhancer 2 ml

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HAWRYCH MD LASH ENHANCER LONG LOVELY LASHES You no longer have to layer on heavy cosmetics or buy expensive lash extensions to get long, luscious lashes! Just apply our lash serum daily and in as little as 4 weeks, you can enjoy naturally long, lush eyelashes. THICKER FULLER EYELASHES Think you cant have thick, full lashes without wearing makeup? Think again! Our lash booster gives you big, beautiful lashes without a single bit of mascara. Your eyes will be beautifully highlighted, and youll have a more youthful look. PROTECTS EACH LASH Having brittle eyelashes is common, especially as we age. Our lash serum not only nourishes and conditions your eyelashes for extra volume, it also enhances their strength. Your eyelashes will become less brittle and prone to breakage, effectively preserving their health and appearance. NATURAL EYELASH ENHANCER Make your pretty eyes pop with our eyelash enhancer! Your stunning lashes will bring out your natural beauty and give you a nice little confidence boost, too. SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED INGREDIENTS Formulated and tested by physician this lash boosting serum contains carefully chosen ingredients that stimulate and strengthen your eyelashes. The cruelty free formula doesnt include any parabens, alcohol, sulfates or gluten.