Happy Hoodie Large Purple

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Happy Hoodie is a soft, expandable, safe, comfortable band that is placed over a dogs ear to provide relief and protection from the loud noise and forceful air associated with force drying. Also relieves anxiety related to nail clipping, clipper work and other grooming work. The Happy Hoodie brand has been aiding groomers and pet parents for 10 years! Noise reduction and swaddling effect helps calm upset pets.
  • Gentle compression reduces noise and has a swaddling effect that calms and comforts pets, relieving fear, (and even the occasional aggressive behavior), that can be associated with Force Drying. It's a Force Drying MIRACLE! Check out YouTube video.
  • Contributes to the safety of both pet and Groomer/Parent.
  • Package contains one large Hoodie to accommodate most dog breeds. Large size fits most all dog breeds, from extra large breeds such as a Mastiff to Med/Sm breeds such as a Schnauzer, Cocker, Shih Tzu etc. and cats. Smaller size fits Med/ sm size dogs to toy breeds and cats.
  • Saves valuable time (and frustration) in the Grooming Salon or Home by calming upset, disagreeable or sensitive dogs for other things we do to them that they consider irritating, like: toenail clipping, clipper work, brushing, etc.
  • Requires little time, effort and cost to use. Long-lasting and fully washable. On the market for over 4 years and used by thousands, Happy Hoodie is proven and praised by groomers and home owners alike for the AMAZING difference it makes!