Flight Outfitters LED Headlamp

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In our modern era of Siri, Bluetooth, and other hands-free technological conveniences, it was only a matter of time before someone would develop a hands-free source of illumination that's optimized for aviators. Flight Outfitters has answered the call with its long-overdue Dual Color Pilot's Headlamp.The LED light source features an adjustable elastic headband paired with an incredibly useful pivoting attachment point that provides you with a customizable source of brilliance without tying up your hands. Its white LED flood beam is optimized for preflighting/exterior duties and features HIGH and LOW settings as well as a the ability to focus the light. Additionally, the Headlamp features a row of four red LEDs - also with HIGH and LOW settings - that deliver a softer glow for cockpit tasks and won't compromise your night vision. Each light source operates from an independent switch, and the unit runs on three AAA batteries (included). A must-have cockpit companion for fly- by-night aviators of all experience levels.