Electric kWh Meter, 100A 120/240 Volt, 3-Wire, 60Hz

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This is a very popular product if you are metering your North American household power and you want a simple read-off-the-face kWh meter. State-of- the-art, fully solid-state kWh meter with 800 pulse per kWh pulse output 1% accuracy class, LCD readout in hundredths of a kWh, to 99999.99 kWh. No conversion factor or multiplier. Basic single phase 120/240V 3-wire, 100A version, Neutral bypasses the meter. PLEASE NOTE: No external current transformers are needed with this meter. The CTs are inside the meter already. Wires pass through the body of the meter and through the internal current transformers. Do NOT buy additional current transformers with this meter, even if Amazon says that they are frequently bought together. Compact, very easy to install design. Simple DIN-rail mounting. Wires pass through 3/8+" diameter tubes in the meter body--Will accept 3AWG insulated wire. The only electrical connection is made by 2 small screws which penetrate the wire insulation and pick up power--less than 1 watt--to power the meter. Non-resettable LCD display. Usage data is maintained through power outages. Single-phase energy meter, 100A 120/240-volt, 3-wire, 60Hz. Standard North American household current. Most commonly a white neutral, a black hot and a red hot wire, 200V to 252V between the hots, 110V to 126V either hot to neutral. Very voltage tolerant--the meters will tolerate voltages from 168 V to 312V hot to hot, 84V to 156V hot to neutral. This meter will not work on a single phase 120v 2-wire system. For that application please see our EKM-15IDS.

Voltage: 120/240 volts 3-Wire Amperage: up to 100 amps Type: Pass-Through, Single-Phase, 60Hz Data: Pulse Output - 800 pulses per kWh Model: EKM-25IDS