Door Scope DS2000 Door Viewer - Aluminum x Silver Finish

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 What is a Door Scope? Original brand Door Scope door viewers are a revolutionary patented, high-tech, high quality security product which virtually eliminates the conventional peephole. With a Door Scope door viewer, you don't have to approach the door nor strain to see visitors through a peephole anymore. Door Scope provides you with a sharp, clear image of the outside visitor up to seven feet away from inside your door. WARNING: Please don't be cheated by buying imitation products which are illegally produced and imported from China. You will only waste your money with buying the imitation because the quality of the phony products on the market is poor. The original Door Scope brand product is Made in Korea. 

  • Door Scope DS2000 Door Viewer - Aluminum x Silver Finish
  • Viewable from up to 7 feet inside your home (wide angle viewer)
  • Quick, accurate and reliable identification of all visitors
  • 20 min fire rated
  • Original Door Scope Brand Product