Dodow - Sleep Aid Device (New Version)

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A simple, natural and efficient solution! More than 500,000 users are already falling asleep with Dodow. Amongst them, those who have difficulties getting to sleep (aged 6 years and up); restless mind, stress, chronic insomnia, depression, waking up in the night, insomnia due to pregrancy etc Inhale Tap the touch-sensitive surface once for the 8- minute mode, twice for the 20-minute mode. A blue light appears on the ceiling. Gently synchronise your breathing: Inhale when the light expands... Exhale ...then exhale when the light retracts. You may notice that the exhalation is deliberately longer. This will help create a sensation of tiredness which is conductive to falling asleep. Sleep At the end of the exercise (8 or 20 minutes) Dodow switches itself off. Youll be in the ideal body state to fall asleep naturally, in whatever position you like. Slow your metabolism down By synchronising your (abdominal) breathing with the pulsing light, Dodow progressively takes your breathing down from 11 to 6 breaths per minute. The rate of 6 RPM is also used in what is called cardiac coherence exercises. According to several studies, the rhythm is the rate that maximizes stimulation of the baroreflex. The (very) slow breathing rate, at the cardiac coherence rhythm, really slows down your metabolism and your body will be completely relaxed. Reduce your flow of thoughts What's more, concentrating on the pulsing halo on the ceiling has a hypnotic effect. Dodows soft blue light (brightness < 1 lux) allows your body to relax, without inhibiting melatonin production. You can choose between the 3 different brightness intensities. Youll keep your brain busy with an actvitity a lot less distracting and exciting than the thoughts that are keeping you awake. The individual having difficulty falling asleep may not have the power to stimulate an effective relaxation response on his or her own. Dodow is easy to switch on, simple to use and placed near the bed, making the process much easier. Co-founder Alex: ex-insomniac Co-founder Pierre: night owl Co-founder Gui: dreamer Co-founder Describe your products in 3 words. Revolutionise your sleep! How did you come up with the idea for this product? The dangers of using sleeping pills led Alex, chronic insomniac, to look for other solutions to falling asleep more easily. He discovered that regulating breathing was at the heart of practices such as meditation, yoga, sophrology and cardiac coherence. Numerous studies have shown that breathing is actually one of the best tools to help reduce stress and mental turmoil. After many long months of meditative practice, his problems were solved.With Pierre and Gui, industrial designers, Alex wondered how he could also help the 8 million French insomniacs succeed in getting to sleep faster using a breathing method  without having to go through the long months of practice! What makes your product special? The best solutions for getting to sleep like hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy or meditation unfortunately require a lot of personal or financial investment. Dodow however is incredibly simple and can even be used by a 6 year old. Its a relatively low-cost solution long term in comparison to sleeping pills or melatonin which require monthly expenditure. Dodow doesnt require renewing and there are absolutely no secondary effects on your body. What has been the best part of your experience? One story that still makes us giggle is the time when Pierre- Luc took a Blablacar to go home for Christmas  and the driver Jean-Louis turned out to be an ex-insomniac saved by Dodow! The feedback we receive every day really motivates us. Numerous insomniacs have managed to wean themselves off sleeping pills progressively thanks to Dodow  and well thats the best thing we could hope for :)