Dry-Brik II Desiccant Blocks - 9 Blocks (3 Packs of 3 Blocks)| Replacement Moisture Absorbing Block for the Global II and Zephyr by Dry & Store | Hearing Device Dehumidifiers

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The Dry-Brik II contained in the Dry and Store family of products has three important functions: to permanently remove the moisture molecules that are released from the devices during the warm drying cycle; to drive the relative humidity inside the box to a much lower level than is possible with just a heater, maximizing the drying capability; and to capture odors.Boxes using heat alone lower the relative humidity by warming the air, but the amount of moisture in the air does not change. Unless water is removed, it can condense right back to where it was when the heat goes off. The Dry-Brik II traps the moisture and odor from the hearing device.The Dry and Store family of products uses DryMaxTM technology: a controlled amount of warm dry air, a soft but continuous flow of air around all of the small ports and openings in an electronic device. The powerful Dry-Brik II desiccant is formulated to provide optimum moisture and odor absorption.