American Oak Barrel with Black Hoops -1 Liter or .26 Gallon

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Size:1 Liter Experience high quality tastes on low budget cost with the
American Oak Barrel. You can turn everyday spirits into sophisticated sipping
drinks with your own aging barrel. You can customize your aging process to get
just the right flavor in your drinks. Never settle for the bottom shelf again.
One you start aging your spirits, you won't want to stop. It's a great way to
create homemade presents for friends and family. Experiment with all kinds of
spirits and times to perfect your process. Give a barrel to a friend and
compare your flavors. The possibilities are virtually endless with the
American Oak Barrel. Even if you're not into aging liquors, or you don't even
drink at all, these barrels are excellent conversation pieces in your home.
They are expertly crafted by hand, and pair perfectly with almost any home
designs. Keep in on your counter, bar, or anywhere where you want to enhance
your home decor. Each high-quality, hand-made barrel comes with a stand, bung,
spigot, and user guide. It has everything for a great introduction to home
aging your own spirits. In no time you'll be aging all kinds of spirits.
You'll love the new flavors and aromas, and your friends will, too. Package
contains (1) North American Barrel American Oak Barrel with Black Hoops.
Barrels are made from 100 percent American White Oak. Inside is a number 3
  • American White Oak Wooden Barrel (1 Liter)
  • Oak is charred on the inside
  • Varnished Exterior (unvarnished available upon request)
  • Perfect for aging spirits or as home decor