6X PPOWER 3V Real Capacity 200 mAh CR2 15270 15266 Rechargeable LiFePO4 Batteries + 1X Rapid

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About the battery:

Model: Cr2 Lithium Rechargeable

Material: LifeP04

Voltage: 3V +-10%

Capacity: 200mAh

Size:15.1mm(D)X26.6(H),weight: around 11g

About the charger:

Model- PC2


Input: 12V DC 600mA

Output: 3.6VDC 300mA*1/ 300mA*2

LED Indicators:

No Signal----Turn Off

Red--- Charging

Green--- Charging Finished

RED-GREEN--- Bad Battery

Features: - End-of-Charge Voltage detection assures the safe and full charge situation any time

- Short Circuit Protection

- Over Voltage Cut-off Protection---- Prevents damage to your battery due to over voltage

- Complete Individual Channels----- Prevent 2 batteries charging each other

- Charging Method: CC/CV----------Charge battery fully and quickly

- Reverse Polarity Protection--------Prevent damage to your battery and charger


- It is normal for batteries to be warm during charging , they will cool down after they are charged

- Please charge the battery at least one in a half year if they are not being used for so often


- Charge ONLY rechargeable lithium ion batteries

- MUST NOT charge any other types of batteries especially NON-rechargeable batteries. It may cause leakage or explosion

- Do not disassemble, modify any part of the charger or attempt to use the charger as power source

Package includes:

6 x cr2 200mah Rechargeable Lithium ion battery + 1X Cr2/ Cr123 Charger (PC2)+ 1X car charger