5 Year Mandarin Red Gold & Nickel Tri-Plate AA Alcoholics Anonymous Sobriety Medallion Chip Serenity Prayer

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Stunning Tri-Plate colored AA Alcoholics Anonymous recovery medallion. This
chip has a Mandarin Red epoxy color that changes as the light hits it from a
deep scarlet to a bright metallic red. The metal is gold and nickel plate.
Front has roman number V for Five years of sobriety. Front also has the three
legacies triangle and Unity Service Recovery and To Thine Own Self Be True.
Back has the Serenity Prayer.
  • Mandarin Red Color Changes With The Light
  • Gold & Nickel Plated
  • 5 Year Anniversary
  • AA Alcoholics Anonymous Medallion Tri-Plate
  • Serenity Prayer On the Back