1 oz. Silver Bullet - .45 Caliber ACP

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This bullet is not for use in a gun, it is 99.9% pure silver! Exercise your
right to bear silver with the 1 oz. Silver Bullet. Modeled after ammunition
for the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol, this .999 fine silver replica isn't
actually intended to be fired from a weapon, but could prove an effective
means of defense against economic collapse. Whether you are a bullion
collector, firearms enthusiast or simply preparing to defend yourself against
vampires and werewolves, the 1 oz. Silver Bullet is a unique way to own
physical precious metal. The base is stamped with weight and fineness of
silver. Dimensions: 1.22" (30.6 mm) tall, .5" (12.1 mm) wide.
  • 1 troy oz.
  • .999 pure silver
  • Made in the USA